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Tell us a little about yourself (how long you have been on) and what you have done in your career with the Sheriff’s Department. Also, tell us about your military background.

Julie Glover
Sheriff’s Sergeant - Detentions

As a former Marine, joining the United States Marine Corps is one of the best decisions I have made. I attended my MOS school and was assigned to the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona. Upon my marriage to a Marine, I received a joint transfer to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, where I finished my obligation. I wanted to pursue a paramilitary based career that offered a consistent schedule. On August 09, 1991, I graduated from the 11th Corrections Academy and began my career as a detentions deputy at the Las Colinas Detention Facility. While assigned at Las Colinas, I became a training officer and the facility training coordinator. I then transferred to the Central Detention Facility and became a classification deputy. On June 05, 1998, I was promoted to Detentions Sergeant and worked at the following facilities: GBDF, LCDF and SDCJ. I was assigned as a classification sergeant at SDCJ, an administrative sergeant at LCDF and EMDF and as a watch commander at SBDF and EMDF (now EMRF). Currently, I am assigned to Internal Affairs.

How does the training in the academy compare to basic training?

The SDSD academy is comparable to “boot camp” in that the emphasis is about the team. As it is said, “you are as strong as your weakest link.” As a para-military organization, the academy is comprised of physical training and academic instruction to prepare you for your new career.

What was the biggest adjustment in transitioning from military to law enforcement?

The transition from the Marine Corps to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department was not difficult. The hiring process took about eight months, so it is important to consider the time constraints upon ending your military obligation.

Will my training/experience in the military be taken into consideration?

Choosing a career in detentions, court services or law enforcement is a unique career that will challenge former military personnel. The San Diego Sheriff’s Department is a professional and paramilitary organization that offers unique career opportunities. Therefore, your experience gained from your military service will surely prove beneficial in many capacities (leadership, command presence, MOS skills, etc.).

What about retired service members that are concerned with their physical fitness level?

For retired service members, regardless of your EOS date, be prepared for the academy. It is important to be physically and mentally prepared for a new challenge in your life. So, begin an exercise program that includes cardio vascular training, physical conditioning and a healthy diet.

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