Background Investigations

After successfully passing the written exam for Deputy Sheriff Detentions/Courts or Deputy Sheriff Law Enforcement, candidates will receive a notification of their score. Because our vacancies are quickly filling, the process is becoming more competitive. Your name will be placed on a list based on your percentage. Chosen candidates will receive notification on when to contact their assigned Background Investigator.

Documents to Prepare for Your Background

The following are documents you can start preparing for your background investigation:

  • Driver’s License/Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • US High School Diploma - US High School diploma and/or GED certificate with test score or high school proficiency certificate
  • College Diploma(s)
  • School Transcripts - Official and sealed school transcripts
  • Military DD214/Selective Service Registration
  • Marriage/Divorce paperwork
  • Name Changes - All documents reflecting name changes from birth certificate
  • Legal Documents - Complete documentation relating to any civil, criminal, or bankruptcy proceedings
  • Proof of Vehicle Insurance/Vehicle Registration
  • Rental Contract

Personal History Statement (PHS)

If you have scored high enough to be considered for employment, you will receive an invitation to the background orientation via mail. The Sheriff’s Department uses a Personal History Statement (PHS) to learn more about its candidates for the position of Deputy Sheriff and/or Deputy Sheriff Detentions/Courts Cadet.

Applicants may begin completing the PHS early.


  • Access to the online PHS requires a password, which will be given to you in your certification/pre-screen notice.
  • The password has changed recently. The last two letters are now lowercase.
  • Please DO NOT BRING your pre-filled PHS to your background pre-screen, it will not be accepted!
  • Some PHS files are quite large. If you experience difficulty completing the PHS on the computer, a hard copy will be provided to you during your Pre-Screen appointment.

PHS Documents

Please download and complete each of the following documents. Make sure to save all of your documents for your own records. The following Word documents (.dot/.dotx) were created using Microsoft Word 2010. We recommend using Microsoft Word 2007 or higher.

1 Personal History Statement
Updated Feb. 28, 2017
PHS in Word format Signature required
2 General Information General information in Word format Also in PDF format
3A Instructions and checklist of required documents Required documents in Adobe pdf format
3B Questionnaire About Military Service
Updated Sep. 14, 2016
Questionnaire About Military Service in Adobe pdf format Signature required
3C Transcript Request Form Transcript Request in Word format Signature required
4 Detailed mailing label instructions Mailing label instructions in Word format Avery #5160 mailing labels required
5 CAL. Credit Disclosure
Updated Sep. 14, 2016
CAL. Credit Disclosure in Adobe pdf format Signature required
6 FCRA Credit Disclosure and Authorization
Updated Sep. 14, 2016
FCRA Credit Disclosure and Authorization in Adobe pdf format Signature required
7 Autobiography
Updated Mar. 7, 2017
Autobiography in Word format
8 Mission, Vision and Values
Updated Sep. 14, 2016
Mission, Vision and Values in Word format
9 Law Enforcement Code of Ethics
Updated Sep. 14, 2016
Law Enforcement Code of Ethics in Word format
10 Authorization to Release Information Form Authorization to release information in Word format Signature required
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