Getting Prepared - Physical

Your physical preparation is perhaps the one thing that you have absolute control over in this endeavor. The lack of physical preparation is the number one reason recruits fail out of the academy. If you are not in top physical condition on day one of the academy, your chance for success diminishes greatly. If you are going to apply for a Deputy Sheriff position, you need to establish a regular workout program now if you haven't already. It is recommended that you start to prepare physically at least six months to one year before you apply. You must be disciplined and committed to your physical training regimen in order to succeed. Resolve yourself to push through fatigue and pain. Determine now that you will be ready on day one of the academy and then prove it.

As soon as you are assigned a Background Investigator and in the backgrounds process, take advantage of scheduled pre-academy workouts. You can request a copy of the pre-academy workout schedule from your Background Investigator. At the workouts you may be exposed to different types of workouts that are similar to the academy. In addition you will develop a strong bond with other candidates in the hiring process. This bond may continue into the academy and hopefully you will establish lifelong friendships with fellow cadets. This type of bond will greatly improve your chance of success in the academy.

Voluntary Physical Training Program

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department offers a voluntary physical training program to prepare applicants for the academy. The workout program is strictly voluntary; however, your attendance is highly recommended. Attendance shows motivation and dedication; please make every effort to attend. The program offers guidance and physical preparation for the Regional and Sheriff’s Detentions/Court Services Academies.

Training will be available at the baseball field at Hourglass Community Park in San Diego, next to Miramar College. The voluntary workout sessions will be available to anyone who has been assigned a Background Investigator and is involved in the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department background investigation hiring process. Hourglass Community Park is located at 10301 Black Mountain Road, San Diego.

Physical Agility Tests

Candidates will be asked to demonstrate their physical agility by completing a work-related agility test. The following events and videos are included for each of the Deputy classifications.

  • Six foot solid wall
  • Six foot chain link fence
  • 165 pound life-like dummy drag for 32 feet
  • 99 yard obstacle course
  • 500 yard run
  • Stair Climb
  • Walk or run 75 feet using a 30 pound air pack, weighted backpack, or sandbag
  • 165-pound life-like dummy drag for 32 feet
  • 99 Yard obstacle course
  • 500 Yard run
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