Getting Prepared - Mindset

The desire to succeed, relentless determination, and “the will” to never quit are keys to survival in a fight. As a Deputy Sheriff you must have a firm resolve to never lose or quit. Before choosing a law enforcement career one must understand this profession is dangerous. If you don't want to confront those who prey on others, there are other fields of work for you. That is okay, being a Deputy Sheriff is not for everyone. This career takes dedication, adaptability and tenacity. You must hold a deep seeded desire to hold criminals accountable for their actions. You must have the mindset of a warrior. Do not be confused, a warrior does not seek confrontation or wish for violence. Instead a warrior is a peaceful, strong and just person. If called upon or pushed however, a warrior is not afraid of conflict and will act appropriately. A warrior does not quit or waiver in the face of adversity, he pushes on with focus and overcomes it. Mindset is everything in this line of work. You will fail if you are not mentally ready.

The academy will be a difficult pursuit. You will be expected to complete courses that are academically, physically and emotionally exhausting. Your days will be filled with classroom study, physical training, firearms, defensive tactics, emergency vehicle operations, criminal and civil law and many other areas of study. Your tolerance for stress and an ability to multitask will be tested daily. If you do not have a solid mindset that you will succeed no matter what the task, you have lost the battle before beginning.

Before you start down the path towards this career, ask yourself whether or not you have the correct mindset to succeed.

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