Getting Prepared

After successful completion of the background process, you may receive a conditional job offer and a date to start the academy. Academy life is fast paced, intense, and for some it may be overwhelming. If you do not prepare yourself mentally and physically for the academy you increase the likelihood of failure. All of the time and energy that you have invested into your career aspirations may be erased because of a failure to adequately prepare. The Sheriff’s Department wants to see individuals not only succeed in the academy but enjoy it and excel in the process. There are several ways to prepare yourself for the academy and vastly improve your chances of success. Below are a number of points that are noted to help ensure your success in the academy.



The academy will challenge you in many ways. Entering the academy with the proper mindset is critical to achieving success.

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Physical Preparation

Preparing in advance for the physical challenge of the academy may be one of your greatest keys to success. Prepare early.

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Risky Behavior

Your career can be compromised by irresponsible actions. Protect your future by making the best decisions even before your career starts.

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